Costing ranges depending on the nature of the project. A design brief submitted to you for approval (if required) costs $200. A simple 1-10 page website with information, pictures, links to resources and a contact form (similar to this site) is $800. A site with more complicated components (rollover images, image maps, interactive forms, etc) increases up to around $1500 depending if images and other resources are supplied. A database backend for a site adds around $1000 to the cost depending on the complexity of the database, whether or not it has already been designed and normalised, whether data is provided in a suitable format, etc. A domain name costs $100 per year, and hosting of the site and database costs an additional $100 per year. If the site requires further updating in the future, the cost is variable, or if you have the expertise and time, updates can be performed by anybody as all source code and password access to your remote site is provided.